Dear Artists of Cebu
Professors, Students, Masters, Interns, thriving practitioners, hobbyists and art collectors...
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We are a group of 10  artists and artisans who've banded together to conceptualize and create a  " kind of new - but actually it's been around art genre". We call them, and our group too - Iris Mosaic Art.  May not be the most suitable name but its better than having no name.    On Oct 16 to 22, we shall introduce our work to the public for the first time at the Ayala Mall.  The same space they usually lease to painting artists.  At the bridge in front of Tru Value.

We hope you'll come also if only because you're curious to see what we've made of this mixed media (as others would call it) painting. You may see them on our website but its so different seeing them 'live'. You will see how we make them, and how we come up with our ideas. Hint - we copy a lot. (from the internet). 

Which you might point out opens us to controversy.  In the first place do self respecting artists copy? Maybe they do copy portraits off photos.  Are we paying royalties? We're now doing only one of a kind and early on it was too much trouble to be asking permission.  That may not be good enough excuse -  I will take the time to contact each and everyone of those we've copied from. And we'll discipline ourselves going forward to not touch any picture unless we've gotten in touch with the artist or unless the photograph itself is royalty free or coming from an images company  like Getty that we've paid subscription to and hence royalty free. 

Then again we can be talking about collaboration.  One thing you won't find us doing is obstructing other artists from copying our work or style. In fact we'd like to encourage every artist to adopt this thing wholly or partially. What's the harm. I've shown some of these items in a show in New York - and they really love it.   As we all begin to adopt this - we'll get better at it - and before you know it the ball would be rolling quickly and we'll have a lot of experts who can take this genre to even higher and more acceptable levels.   I also want to encourage this cause more than half of the work - the mosaic centerpiece are done by artisans. Folks who have no formal training in the arts, nay even folks who do not have any artistic talent at all, yes even folks who may even be into bottle or drugs because they have nothing that interests them. Yes we do have former drug addicts on our team too.