On Oct 16 up to Oct 22, we, the Iris Mosaic team will conduct a display with intent to promote a radically new look for painting. Of course we also want to sell as many of the 120 pieces that we have ready.

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The new look involves adding a 3d object or mosaic to what would be an otherwise ordinary painted. This style was conceptualized by a couple of artists Vic Rosello and Red Vestil. now senior members f our group. They along with 8 who started out as artisans and who have now become seasoned artists have been working uninterrupted on this line for most of this year without the benefit of but a few critics. The result is what you will see at the show. 

Why this look and style?
First by adding a new element, the iris-mosaic,  it greatly expands the design possibilities open to artists and artisans
It encourages the use of computer graphics to make lay outing easy thus increasing productivity and eliminating tediousness
Where appropriate, so much of the wealth of images on the internet can be put to good use. We can turn it into an unlimited resource.  
The mosaic pieces are created by artisans whose skill level requirement is one that's easily met by most Cebuano artisans. Even young kids can do a lot of the mundane fill-her-up stuff thus opening cottage industries everywhere. There is after all huge possibility that this can become good export merchandise. 
It encourages the use of 'found items' or recyclables as raw materials for the mosaic part of the painting.
Finally - it gives the buyer a motivation to 'splurge' on buying or ordering the artwork - Almost 90% of money spent goes towards providing a job for the artist and artisan. Buy local paintings and support the local economy.

Team Iris Mosaic spent a lot of time and money developing just the right kind of look that we believe is acceptable to the local taste. We knew that it would not be enough to convince the whole Cebuano community that this is indeed and beautiful and viable look with just a couple or even a dozen only pieces.   We had faith in the look that we prepared not just a dozen but 10 dozen pieces before we told ourselves that we are ready to "WOW the community. . And honestly we do not know if and whether we can recover the investment. But we want to create a legacy that Cebu can call its own. And that will happen if a lot of us partakes of the business either with us or on your own too. We promise to help competition - but we have to make sure we survive first of course - to make sure somebody's there to carry the torch.