Foreword: A lot of folks have come to me offering their help in getting donors to open up to our worthwhile project. But in order to help them help us, they ask me to prepare a portfolio and presentation so the donors may know what the heck they donating to :-) .

I thought I'd do the write up in a question and answer format. Then again I thought I could share the same article for folks who may want to help the cause by purchasing one or more of our Iris Mosaics. If you've read "Our Aspirations and Goals" this is pretty much the same thing maybe written alightly differently. That wass after all another day. Feel free to skip. :-)

 To a Potential Big Donor:
June 25, 2017

What is the goal of this project?
We have following goals:
To develop a craft that provides a lot of rewarding work for the people in Cebu. To make artwork that is accessible to our middle class.  To create an indigenous but contemporary art genre which can be enjoyed by the people of Cebu. To encourage Cebuanos to keep their recyclable trash and have them transformed into beautiful artwork.

How do you intend to achieve the goal?
By growing our organization of 10 to as big as we can get while doing our best to teach and persuade everyone in our sphere of influence to join us formally or informally by creating their own organizations.

How will we launch our business and introduce ourselves to the public.
To begin with we have at the moment a collection of around 100 artworks that are of a new genre;  each one  beautiful, new and unique. our Iris Mosaic line. We hope to display this collection in a "shock and awe" kind of exhibition designed to have a mesmerizing and lasting impression in the minds of those who see it. It is after all, all new and it will be a broad collection. We hope the So great is the impact that aside from word of mouth will even get a free press and then everyone will want to come and see it. After  all - even if you're not planning to buy, you probably would want to see a dazzling and one of a kind exhibition of new Cebuano art and craft..

We are targeting either the mall at SM or Ayala for this.  We hope to get either corporation to donate to the cause by providing a space pro bono. We expect they will be rewarded should they help with the greater than regular influx of customer who would come to see us.

Isn't it illegal to simply copy off the internet?
It depends. Some images have clear cut copyright labels on them and of course we avoid those. Most of internet images aren't copy righted and we feel free to use them even without the acknowledgement for now. But when we are able to with additional resources we would like to contact the original artist and photographer to request permission and acknowlede his contribution by posting his name as the sourcce of inspiration.  We may even go so far as offering them a royalty.

How will the business make money and grow?
First off the collection of our first 100 pieces has been paid for and made possible with a donation from me and my nephews Jaime and Junjun - who are incedentally part of the tyeam of 10 artists.  They love thir work and love the tram they're working with. Initially, selling those paintings at prices that are just a little above our cost of production will allow our team to just go on as is. In order for this business or the movement to grow - we may need to ask the well to do among the Cebuanos to pitch in either by donating cash, lease on suitable real estate or even simply bidding for exceptional artwork at much higher prices. Cooperatives among folks who can donate some money or more significantly their own time doing artwork is also a strong possibility. 

Using the exhibit, we shall tap intrior designers to get custom designed orders for murals or large paintings from well to do homeowners, hotel chains and other buildings.  Note the designing process will be helped a lot by the internet. All you need is to know how to search. There is also a lot of interior designers whose tasks will be expanded but made easier by our service.

We can also explore the the export market. We used to do a lot of components for the jewelry market. I think the there is strong possibility that we may be able to sell in larger volumes our iris mosaic inlaid structure to wholesalers who can then sell them as components to artist to augment their painting - should the trend catch upabroad.

Who will want to come and see our opening launch?
    obviously Cebuanos who love art -and want to buy for their own collection or to use
     unemplyed and eager artists will find a lot of opportunities to work with us or learn from what we do
    those with entrepreneural instincts may want to supply parts or subcontract mosaic inlay work.
    artists and lovers of crafts will come just for the sheer pleasure of admiring.
     finally - you don't have to be an artist to want to come and enjoy beautiful things.

How is Iris Mosaic work different from the regular painting that the US has popularized?

Where are you located?

What have you produced so far and what are your production cost
Not much yet as of today, we have 60 finished paintings and about 60 work in proocess. W started with our current crop of artists around March 2017.  It was slow at first but they now come up with around 10 finished artworks a week at a cost of P25k weekly. That puts our average cost at about P2.5k and to simply stay afloat we must sell all at an average of P4k,  of which  a large percentage goes to the artist and artisan.  

How many people do you maintain and at what salary?

We 2 artists who are graduates of art couses. Then we have artisans, 4 of who are former drug addicts. They  are art inclined and are talenteded with their hamds. They are learning as they work, we teach them everything. we know and we shall soon be recognizing as artists in their own right.  

What are your products?
the artwork on framed canvas that we call iris mosaic to be retailed at malls or a permanent store if funds allow.
   the service of making customized artwork per the customers specifications.
   in the future the iris sculpture as components for possible export.