Our Three Point Goal
June 6, 2017

1. To develop, learn, implement, teach recycling habits and principles.

We shall show the world or Cebu how we keep all our recyclables neat and organized and make them actual raw materials for our artwork. As a corollary - our artists will take a long hard look at the recyclables on hand and plan out where they can be used in their work thereby making these recyclable materials into wealth rather than trash. When our artwork succeed - everybody we touch could be motivated to do as we do. Turn trash into gold. There is already online a wealth of ideas on how to use recycclables. These we will not hesitate to copy and turn into actual items that can be part of our curriculum to teach

2. To expand economic activity and the put a dent on the gap between rich and poor:
By creating a new art form and expand to a great degree the boundaries of arts and crafts that can be appreciated and turned to assets of high monetary value. And by doing so, provide a pathway for money to go from the rich (and not so rich) lovers of beautiful works to the very poor ( and the not so poor) artists and artisans. In short a way for money to flow from the rich to the poor by creating a new genre, something of value that wasn't there before. The new artworks. We know we've succeeded when there will be a great demand for these new creations so that it even shows a huge blip on our provinvial GDP scores. Yes - add the activity to the economic wheel.

We intend to promote these works so that they are perceived as valuable not only by those who would use them but also make them as investment articles that those with money would get them for. Much like paintings of masters, precious jewelry, and other arts and crafts creations have become repositories of wealth. We have a long way to go here - but we've made a promising start. We will know that when the likes of Augusto Go, LLlhuilier, Henry Sy start buying our paintings for a good sum of cash.

3. To tap the latent and hidden potential of a vast number of misfits in our world.
These include the drug addicts rich or poor who have turned their backs on the current system for lack of anything motivating or interesting in the current world and have turned to drugs as stimulant. In our group of 10 right now we have 4 former addicts who were unemployed and who turned out to be among the most creative and artistic. We intend to find out if this is the same outside. We shall work with rehab centers and jails teaching them what we've learned and providing them with a way to market their artwork through a central foundation.

To the millions of folks who live in slum areas where trassh is for the picking - we shall show how fast (in my mind for now) landfills can be cleaned when people clean up, organize and store reccyclables for art work. We'll teach and show them how to work together and help each other lift themselves up from misery and live in relative comfort even right where they are. (I'll show them how to make relatively long lasting tiny houses made of cardborad boxes.