Meet a new art form ..                     
Iris Mosaic Inlay on Classic Canvas Painting

or simply

 Iris Mosaic...
July 1, 2017

One day the world will be filled with Iris Mosaic paintings. Or it's idea descendants. We define Iris Mosaic today as a regular painting on canvas  where a discrete mosaic inlay is added that gives it a three dimensional structure. And Cebu where the craft is being developed will be the testing ground for both production and marketing. Rather a lofty ambition, but if one must dream why not dream big?

Make no mistake about this. The goal is not just to sell a few pieces to keep a few artists and artisans happy. Although it is a lofty one considering there are so many artists here with too little outlet for their skills. It is also our hope to one day export and popularize the Iris Mosaic look worldwide. Then we can put jobs into the hands of artisans who need only a little training to get going on the project. We are not afraid to say so but the idea is simple; we just print designs available on the internet and let artisans fill the printed page by pasting matching colored iris components on.   Like this item for example.  This part of the work is what one might say is repetitive and boring. But I've known so many artisans who really enjoy this kind of activity.  Like knitters, cross stitches, embroiderers - this kind of work is appealing to artisans - plus they earn money.

Defining Iris:
This piece was among our first when we used purely iris material.   By the way iris is the term we use for our own 'invention' if it can be called that. It's iridescent cellophane that we combine with other materials like paper, plastic, fabric or aluminum. We then apply different style crumpling, folding, stretching, shredding etc. Then we use different colors. The possibilities are infinite. And the glitter effect is mesmerizing.         

But before we can export - we need to develop the line first. And where to better develop the line than right here in Cebu. That's where artist and end-user can interact directly. That's where client can visit the shop and actually see his order being made, that is if he so desires. That's where an infinite series (ok make that reasonably finite) of changes may be made to the design (at a premium of course) before it is ready for delivery. That's where mounting and installation can be studied in place for best results.

And also after all the care, foresight and deliberation have been taken, if the finished product still fall short of 100% satisfactory, because everything is located in Cebu, there are options available from remaking the product or including it in stock to sell to less discriminating buyers. If our customer were in the US for instance - that puts the option close to zero, the product in the trash can, and either seller or buyer (or both) will get burned.  In short, we are not ready for prime time with a market so far away from home.

But we also hope to attract interior designers for whom we can do custom made designs for their clients' spaces.  After all what better challenge is there for us than to fulfill the demanding tastes of Cebuano designers on a one of a kind custom order. And what better way to develop the craft than to satisfy the demand of meticulous users for whom we can come up with new ideas all the time.

We are a new and small team of 10 workers, artists and artisans.  But the founder has a long history in the export business with FCQ Worldwide, the first and practically only remaining exporter of fashion jewelry components.  In fact the raw materials we use all come from overstock of FCQ. The idea to utilize the materials as well as the artisans come from the same kind of business model that FCQ uses - serving custom made components for the jewelry designer sounds much the same as serving iris mosaic for the interior designers.       

Check out the following items we've made so far, you may be lucky enough to have something you really like still available.  Yes indeed we can reserve an item or two for you although we would like to take them with us to the show still. If you are an interior designer looking to place custom order - do call us to make an appointment.

As we write this - we have not started selling yet. But given that our stocks are limited and production is still slow it may be a wise for a potential lover of any  item to act fast. While we can always make duplicates - they may not be exactly the same nor would we be able to do them as fast as you'd want to have them, not to mention that a one of a kind single order could be more expensive.