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Dear Artists of Cebu Professors

Dear Artists of Cebu
Sept 27, 2017

Professors, Students, Masters, Interns, thriving practitioners, hobbyists and art collectors...

We are a group of 10  artists and artisans who've banded together to conceptualize and create a  " kind of new - but actually it's been around art genre". We call them, and our group too - Iris Mosaic Art.  May not be the most suitable name but its better than having no name. 


Why this look and style?
Sept 25, 2017

-First it expands the design possibilities open to artists and artisans
-It approves the use of computer graphics to make lay outing easy.
-It puts the internet to great use as an unlimited idea resource
-It encourages the use of 'found items' or recyclables as raw materials


At the NY Now Show
August 22, 2017

It wasn't quite the display we wanted. A little dark with a poorly chosen background. My fault.  We drew glimpses by me asking busy folks to take a look. Else they won't even notice the booth. And we were at a show where no one was showing painting, much less high end art. 

The truth is I did a rather poor job at presenting the great works our artists made. I could count the many mistakes I made but it is all over now (not the artwork but the show)  We need to move forward.

Me and my friend Fely


Traditional Painting vs Iris Mosaic
June 30, 2017
Traditional painting by Picasso sold for $179.4M in 2015

Iris Mosaic is a new genre combines traditional painting and artisan made iris mosaic structure (we now call the pendants) .


Product Thumbnails with Names
June 29, 2017

Flowers on Abaca Basket

Golden Acquarium

Horse Framed by Glittery Sun


Where Iris Mosaic Idea came from
June 28, 2017

Back home in NJ, USA, I sometimes kept my grandkids ocupied with a hobby, in fact a lot of hobbies. I'd ask them to choose images on the internet then I'd print them and they'll cover them up with matching beads  -- then the whole thing gets tacked on our wall. Like paintings. 

Foreword: A lot of folks have come to me offering their help in getting donors to open up to our worthwhile project. But in order to help them help us, they ask me to prepare a portfolio and presentation so the donors may know what the heck they donating to .

I thought I'd do the write up in a question and answer format. Then again I thought I could share the same article for folks who may want to help the cause by purchasing one or more of our Iris Mosaics. If you've read "Our Aspirations and Goals" this is pretty much the same thing maybe written alightly differently. That wass after all another day. Feel free to skip. :-)

 To a Potential Big Donor:
June 25, 2017


Artists & Artisans Unite!
June 15, 2017

I could be wrong but it looks very much like in the near future, automation, robots and artificial inteligence will be taking over most of mankind's task. I believe also that as we come to that point when human labor is no longer necesary, or at least very little of it would be, the movement for assured minimum income for everyone will be at hand.  But if one does not need to work in order to survive, what does one do with one's time?

Dried Food Stuff
July 13,2017

Introducing some exotic ingredients on our art:

lacquered pumpkin flower over pumpkin stems
dyed corn kernels over evergreen hair roots
spray painted thinly sliced eggplant rolls


Our Aspirations and Goals
July 1, 2017

1. To develop, learn, implement, teach recycling habits and principles.
2.To expand economic activity and the put a dent on the gap between rich and poor:
3. To tap the latent and hidden potential of a vast number of misfits in our world.

Our Original Artists and Atisans
These are the folks who were with us from day one. Ok- some a little later but they're all pioneers.

Iris Mosaic Inlays
July 1, 2017

One day the world will be filled with Iris Mosaic paintings. Or it's idea descendants. We define Iris Mosaic as a regular painting on canvas  where a mosaic inlay is added that gives it a three dimensional structure. And Cebu where the craft is being developed will be the imgsing ground for both production and marketing.

A typical workday
July 1, 2017

Our workshop is rather tight - this room you see here is almost all there is. We have a little bit more legroom in the backyard. If this business (or foundation) succeeds - we'll be looking around for a bigger area. It is also possible and probable that we will be sending this mosaic inlay work to the suppliers to work in their own individual spaces. They can get their own workers there too. Same as FCQ business model.